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Welcome to the Community Health Education Simulation Center

The Community Health Education & Simulation Center (CHESC) provides a centralized, hands-on venue for health education and training where customized classes are available to community members and healthcare professionals. The center is the first of its kind in the nation to offer classes to both healthcare practitioners and the general public.

In addition, it provides clinical professionals, healthcare students and caregivers opportunities to use high-tech simulation mannequins and other equipment to advance their ability to perform complex medical procedures and life-saving techniques. By offering a wide variety of community classes and seminars, CHESC will:

  • Train and retain nurses and other healthcare workers to help reduce the current critical shortage of health practitioners
  • Improve the ability of community emergency medical services personnel to respond to life-threatening situations with life-saving procedures
  • Help Northwest Hospital provide continuing medical education for ongoing staff certification
  • Provide greater health education opportunities for the community through ongoing simulations and classes
  • Ensure patient safety to help reduce medical errors among health workers

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What is Medical Simulation?

Medical simulation utilizes life-size mannequins to replicate authentic medical scenarios. Simulator models are much more than simple mannequins. They breathe, bleed, cough and cry. CHESC task trainers operate the models from a control room adjacent to simulation rooms. Here, the mannequin operators can manipulate scenarios to recreate realistic medical situations. The models are programmed to respond appropriately to changes in environment and medical interventions such as physical or pharmacologic changes administered by simulation participants. By integrating technical and non-technical elements, the CHESC can recreate almost any medical situation.

Simulation sessions are recorded and most courses are followed by a medical debriefing in one of the CHESC multimedia classrooms. Here, simulation participants can evaluate their overall performance and find more effective ways to deliver care.

Latest News and Events

On May 18th Highline School Nurses participated in a conference with several learning stations. They used hands-on training to treat a child with cardiac issues, a gym teacher having a heart attack, and a child involved in a motor vehicle accident that is throwing up and seizing. They also attended stations educating about feeding tubes and diabetes management.

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